President Greeting

"As the president of the Sheboygan Chapter of PTPI, I plan to continue our mission of promoting peace through a better understanding of people and cultures.  In our chapter we have a three-pronged approach to living this mission: student exchange program, community outreach and providing homestays for global PTPI members.  For us, the student exchange provides the best avenue to help foster the understanding of people and cultures with the youth of our community.  Through local outreach and homestays, we create a sense of community for our neighbors from both near and far.  This is paramount to creating a world community that understands that cultural differences should be embraced and respected in order to further the course of peace.  I look forward to growing our chapter with members of all ages that are seeking an immersive cultural experience."  - Jon Keckonen


Sheboygan People to People

Jon Keckonen, (President) - (920) 946-3899

Esslingen, Germany Exchange Committee

Bob Quasius (Sheboygan Coordinator) - (920) 451-8656

Jon Keckonen - (920) 946-3899

Kris Hancock - (920) 457-0263
Chuck Adams - (920) 208-0918
Pauline Hejl, (Esslingen Coordinator)