Our Sheboygan Chapter

The Sheboygan Chapter of People to People International began in 1965 with 61 chapter members. 

People to People Chapter Growth

Today, our chapter currently has 100 members, with 36 family memberships and 28 single members and is one of the largest and most active chapters in the United States.

Chapter Programs

Homestays, the Sheboygan International Folk Festival, fund-raising and the Esslingen, Germany student exchange program were the focus of the charter chapter members. Since 1977, a number of adult delegations have visited Esslingen as well as traveling and having homestays in other European Cities.  

In 2004, our chapter expanded its high school exchange program to Córdoba, Argentina and that lasted until 2018. Today the  Esslingen Student Exchange Programs, homestays and international travel for adults are the significant chapter’s activities.


1) To promote better understanding of the cultures of other peoples and to help them to better understand us. We accomplish this through personal contact by communicating and exchanging visits, by the extension of the hand of fellowship to people from other lands living in our community, by promoting classroom activities and by promoting the study of other cultures.

2) To further the course of peace, through the development of programs directed toward a better understanding of the work of the United Nations and by cooperating with other organizations with goals similar to ours.